Support HOP and The Trainers during the event

This event costs Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue $50,000+ to host.

Our costs include the rescue costs all 40+ horses (transport, board, vetting, farrier and dental care), judges’ travel costs, volunteer reimbursements, facility rental, stalls costs, trainer prizes and more!

– TInia Creamer

If you want to donate toward HOP’s costs:

Heart of Phoenix
PO Box 81 Shoals, WV 25562


Donate via PayPal, use this Email address:


Sponsor and Advertise in the Program!

or Want to help your favorite trainer with their costs and needs for their ATFO horse?

If giving items or donating money and NEED A TAX DEDUCTION STATEMENT , you must fill this form out HERE and the donated money must come through HOP and be ear-marked for a trainer and horse team – if you do not need a statement, you can give directly to the trainer without a form or tracking.

For a cash donation to be tax deductible: Use EQUINERESCUE@LIVE.COM to give via Paypal and use the NOTE form to earmark which trainer it is for, and fill this short form out by clicking here.

In Kind (item) donations can go directly to the trainer.

Note: Services cannot be deducted. Donations cannot be routed to TRAINERS from Facebook “DONATE” or Instagram “DONATE” buttons.

If you do not fill this form out within 7 days of donating to your trainer, the donation will roll over into the general giving pool of Heart of Phoenix.