Showcase an Adoptable Horse


Apply to SHOWCASE Here – As well as submitting your Bio, the equine background, a video of you riding and working with a horse on the ground to OR facebook page here

Individuals (including current volunteers and fosters of Heart of Phoenix) can apply to showcase a horse during the 3 day event in August 19–21 (The Appalachian Trainer Face Off and Fun Show).

Professionals, Amateur Trainers and very good horsemen and women can apply for this option.

Approved individuals do not need to be trainers; however, many that opt to do this are trainers.

This option doesn’t require as much time as the competition. It also allows the individual to select their horse outside of the name drawing order. You are not judged against anyone else. You can select a horse already well undersaddle to work with.

So, what is this Showcase?

The Showcase is a way to allow any horse within the rescue to have a time to shine during the ATFO. It is very similar to the regular Appalachian Trainer Face Off without the competition and freestyle element. It also have no age or training limitation for handler or horse. Horses can be too young to start and show in hand, showcaser can be youths, horses can be seniors or already well trained. It works for all horses in rescue and all good horse people!

Who can do the Showcase?

You just need to be solid horse people who care and want to give a horse a chance to shine and get a home! You can be a trainer who doesn’t want to compete or just a savvy horseman or woman to do this! You can already be a foster and use your current HOP horse, too! This is a way for kids to take part, too!

Any kid aged 12 and up who has a trainer or solid adult horse person overseeing them in a barn with general liability insurance can take part with a suitable horse if they meet the horse and the skill sets match up, especially if they are interested in taking on a youngster for in hand work! The horses kids will select from will already be undersaddle or in hand horses.

So What are all the Details?

  • Any Heart of Phoenix Horse in the rescue from now through July 1st can be selected to be a showcase horse.
  • You will not be judged by ATFO judges or receive scores, but a Showcase Fan Favorite Award will be given.
  • You will not do a freestyle, but you will have an optional 3 minutes on Friday to demo your horse, if you want to do so.
  • Any qualified horse person may decide to showcase / foster one of these horses
  • The foster showcasing the horse will agree to take videos, photos, have access to Showcase Team shirts for sales, share frequent updates similar to what ATFO trainers share and write up descriptions of their horse to help the horse find a home.
  • The foster of a showcase horse will attend the Fun Show with their HOP horse and take the horses in at least 2 Fun show classes, but there is no limit to how many classes you may show in with your showcase horse. All fees are waived for the classes. This is just so adopters can see your horse in action.
  • The foster will talk to potential adopters through out the ATFO 100 day event to help assure the horse finds the right home.
  • The foster has the option, if they covered all basic care costs while working with horse, to 50% of any adoption fee paid during the ADOPTION EVENT at the end of the ATFO. Showcase horses will be offered as adoptable in the same way all ATFO horse are. Showcases horses start with a $600 adoption fee opening bid.

So, what horses can be a Showcase horse?

Some of the horses to select from are horses that, for one reason or other, were good candidates for the ATFO. Some of special horses we prefer to include as Showcase only, like the Pair of Perchoerons with a showcase trainer, Kevin Tempus, for 2020’s event, as he will market them as a driving pair.

Then some may have minor limitations, may be under age 3 (so unable to be started, but they can be presented in hand) or may be over age 15 (which is the cut off for ATFO horses).

Interested? Apply to SHOWCASE Here – As well as submitting your Bio, the equine background, a video of you riding and working with a horse on the ground to OR facebook page here