MEET the Trainers for 2018

Serena Trader and Tina Turner

Grace Keeton and Tamale

Bethany McNett and Angus

Erin ONeill and Remington

Youth Trainer Bella Vaughn and Tucson

Jessica Deering and Shelby

Brenda Hanson and Sansa

Laura Funderburg and Queso

Hannah Parsons and Pico

Youth Trainer Erica Yozie with Pepsi

Heather McCracken and Jody

Heather Bartel and Esmeralda

Vivian Jones with DaVinci

Krys Paskiet with Cortez

Jessica Runkel with Bon Jovi

Olivia Dixon with Adonis

Richard Hames with Avenger

Youth Trainer Caity Sammons with Domino

Additional Adoptable horses for this event are:



Jig Saw