Adopt an ATFO Horse


All Appalachian Trainer Face Off horses will receive approximately 100 days of kind, knowledgeable and thorough training by one of our approved contestant trainers leading up to a two day August 2019 event.


Adoption isn’t a sale, though, so learn about adoption at HOP here

This event takes place at the Winfield Riding Arena in August  following the competition (there is a Fun Show going on the same day you can attend and show your horses in, as well)

PLEASE APPLY BY AUGUST 14TH to be sure your application will be processed in time to BID!

Approved candidates can visit the horses while in training and are encouraged to do so. You can also plan to meet and ride / handle the horse and talk with the trainer.

Once approved to adopt, you may BID on the horse of your choice (up to TWO horses per approved home)

Live Bidding will have an official auctioneer.

Bidding can be done by proxy, so you can let us know if you need one.

It will be steamed live on Facebook on the ATFO and Heart of Phoenix pages.

Adoption isn’t a sale, though, so learn about adoption at HOP here

Approved applicants may visit any of the horses while in training by appointment with the trainer.

Submit Your Adoption Inquiry Here

Learn about adoption through Heart of Phoenix Here

Essentially, HOP horses adopt to safe homes with a history of good horsemanship, the ability to provide sufficient care and with solid vet, farrier and peer references.

Each adopted horse goes to a home under an adoption agreement that provides terms to keep the horse safe for his/her natural life. Adoptable horses cannot be used for breeding or re-sale or be given away, so should they not work out in their adoptive home, our standard adoption fee is returned and the horse is required to return to the rescue.