Youth In Hand Trainer Application

Apply as a Youth In Hand Here – As well as submitting a youth Bio, the equine background of the adult supervising the youth, a video of the youth riding and working with a horse on the ground to OR facebook page here

Youth candidates can be 8 years old to 17 years old. They will need a capable, advanced adult horse person supervising their instruction through out. The parent(s) will need to sign an liability waiver and assume all risks. They will be assigned a young horse not yet of age to start under saddle.

You will be judged on the appearance of your foal. It should be of excellent weight, shiny, and have nicely kept hooves.

We will also be requiring picture updates every other week on your foal during the 100 days.

They will be expected to compete in the in hand obstacle course. We will not be able to tell you exactly what obstacles will be in this class but here are some things you may see.

Some type of water obstacle, some type of little jump, there may or may not be a cow or sheep to pass in a pen, backing up, perhaps putting a foal blanket on, having a ball rolled under them, or bounced over them, going up on a platform, stepping through some things such as pool noodles on their ankles, etc.

We suggest that you work with them with as many obstacles as you possibly can. We may also ask you to load your youngster in a horse trailer.

You will be asked to place your foal in the costume class. Usually the kids have a lot of fun with this!

You will have to demonstrate that your in hand horse will lead quietly from point A to point B, that it will allow all four feet to be picked up and tapped on, that it will tolerate being brushed pretty much everywhere, that it will halter reasonably, and have its ears and mouth messed with in a no muss no fuss way. There may be other things that we think of and if we do we will notify you by May 12th on what those expectations are.

In short you will be asked to demonstrate that your foal has been exposed to things and is a solid citizen. As solid as one can expect a youngster to be at any rate!

Foals are assigned anytime from now through May 11th. All children will take part in a judged basic skills portion and a trail course portion with judges TO BE DETERMINED. A winner will be selected from these two divisions. The winning child will receive a cash prize and ribbon and prize package.

All youth trainers WILL take their assigned horse through the ADOPTION Auction with a base bidding price of $600. Youths will receive 50% of their adoption fees if their horse is adopted.

Author: T. Creamer

Director of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC HomesteadHer, Photographer, Advocate for kindness, common sense and freedom

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