2022 Approved Adopters

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2022 ADOPTION PACKET for Bidding Approved Adopters

  1. You will receive an auction number in the office if you are bidding on site. Please use this when you bid. If you need a Proxy, he/she will get that number for you.
  2. If Bidding By Proxy, please text 304-784-4061 to be assigned a Proxy by WEDNESDAY evening
  3. Showcase (non-competition) horses may be present at the event and adoptable, and fees are set by SHOWCASE trainers and get be negotiated with trainers or may be part of a silent auction that end mid day Saturday (auction bids on stalls for showcase only).
  4. LIVE Bidding will begin following the end of the award ceremony for the ATFO. This will be evening Saturday the 20th.
  5. You have been approved to adopt the horse you applied to bid on. If you were interested in multiple horses upon applying, you are approved to bid on any of the horses listed on your application proving you are a skill level fit for the horse. If you have questions about bidding on a horse you did not apply for, please visit the office to discuss this or text Tinia at 304-784-4061
  6. You may adopt only one horse at the event, UNLESS you have asked about 2 and been given prior approval.
  7. The ATFO horses are at different skill levels, so please be sure to bid on horses at the appropriate skill level for you. If you bid on a horse you were not approved to bid on, the bid is null/void. Understand these are green horses and will need continued training moving forward. These are not beginner horses. If you’re a beginner, these horses will not work for you. Ideally, you will be planning to put your adopted horse into training or plan to take lessons after adoption, as 100 days horses are green. You will have wrist bands you must wear that show trainers who designated level. We reserve the right to change your level based on riding / handling noted during the event. Visit this link to learn more.
  8. The trainer of the horse MUST feel you are a good match for you to ultimately be able to bid. Should they let you or us know you are not a match, that horse will not be one you may bid on.
  9. You may bid on horses in your approved skill level or below only. Order of Auction will be posted the day of the 20th. You can bid on any horse you’ve been approved for
  10. Please take this time to meet and greet the trainers, and do ride and handle the horse you’re interested in if the trainer and horse are free to spend time with you if you are on site. The event is Aug 18-20, so you have time to meet and greet.
  11. If riding or handling, please do so in the barn arena near the entrance only or in the RV area. No riding can take place on Saturday for any reason: Thursday and Friday only by appointment made through the office.
  12. You must sign the adopter waiver included in this packet and give it to the volunteers in the office. You can sign electronically if you prefer.
  13. Please be sure you have transport arrangements made before bidding. Your trailers must be suitable and safe. A $25 a day applies after August 21st. This needs arranged prior to bidding. Horses must have a signed adoption agreement before leaving HOP.
  14. Horses will all be FREEZE BRANDED with HOP’s brand before leaving.
  15. If you need a Health Certificate, please let us know, and this is a vet fee adopters must cover.
  16. Fees can be paid to Paypal via friends and family at Equinerescue@live.com or in person via check or cash. Fees must be paid, if person, as soon as auction end. Via Paypal if by Proxy via friends and family. You can also PAY with a CREDIT CARD if you wish through SQUARE or Paypal. YOU MUST ADD A 3% surcharge if you pay via debit or credit card.
  17. These adoptions are not purchases of horses. You are not buying a horse. Adoptions do not allow you to resale, give away or breed your adopted horse. Adopted horses at this event must be returned to Heart of Phoenix for a refund of this set portion of the fee ($800), regardless of adoption price paid if they cannot stay with you. These terms are outlined in the binding adoption agreement you must sign before adoption finalizes if you’re the winning adopter of any horse. The rest of the fee, if above $800, paid to HOP, if a horse is returned becomes a donation and is fully tax deductible if the horse comes back to us.
  18. Please be sure you’ve visited horseandridermatch.com and read over the full adoption contract and policies before bidding (the only exception to the terms online is the maximum fee to be refunded on these horses, should a horse be returned, is $800)
  19. Winning the bid on the horse means the fee must be paid as soon as the bid is declared the winner. There are no refunds for any reason beyond the $800 fee once fee is paid. It isn’t fair to the trainers or organization once you’ve won a bid.
  20. If PAYING via credit card, again, remember to add 3% to the total winning amount.

Bidding Order of Horses


Author: T. Creamer

Director of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC Wvhorserescue.org HomesteadHer, Photographer, Advocate for kindness, common sense and freedom

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  1. Good afternoon, I applied to adopt a horse from HOP last summer and was approved.  I did not win the bid on the horse I wanted which was trained by Dallas Schleg. I am still looking for a horse for my personal use. I would like a gentle, easy going gelding with a willing attitude. I would like to bid on the horse Dallas is training this year for the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. The horses name is Galileo.  Is my application still good for this year ? I would like to bid by proxy since I will not be able to attend the event. Please let me know if my application is still on file and is in good standing for 2020. Thank you very much. Deborah Clements- Owner/TrainerHeatherwood Equestrian Academy10950 Adams Road, Granger, Indiana 46530574-247-1205


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