2019 Trainers Announced

The Competition is 100 days long. It began May 15th, and it ends in a two day public event (paired with an open fun show) in Winfield, West Virginia at the Riding Arena August 23rd and 24th!

Judges are: Colton Woods, Josh Lyons and Richie Wingfield

Learn about the event at: http://appalachiantrainerfaceoff.com

Share the event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/587803278315853/

Apply to Adopt a Face Off Horse at: https://appalachiantrainerfaceoff.com/adoption/

Professional Division Trainers:

1. Lester Long #HOPTeamAthena

2. Laura Funderburg #HOPTeamCalypso

3. Brenda Hanson #HOPTeamDetson

4. Jessica Deering #HOPTeamHalleBerry

5. Adam Black #HOPTeamPhoebe

6. Dallas Schleg #HOPTeamEverest

7. Matt Caldwell #HOPTeamTitan

8. Jacklyn Fox Ricketts #HOPTeamFlorence

9. Seth Adkins #HOPTeamSantiago

10. Krys Paskiet #HOPTeamMaleficent

11. Ivy Schnexayder #HOPTeamMacaroni

12. James Martinez #HOPTeam

Amateur Division Trainers:

1. Brittany Boone #HOPTeamTreyah

2. Graycie Hayse #HOPTeamJonas

3. Meribeth Harrell #HOPTeamSterling

4. Rachele Hofacker #HOPTeamRembrandt

5. Amanda Brown #HOPTeamPepsi

6. Olivia Noone #HOPTeamLeila

7. Devin Young #HOPTeamCherry

8. Kaylynn Mollohan #HOPTeamMinka

9. Eric Potraffke #HOPTeamKoda

10. Ashley Taylor Chaffin #HOPTeamHamilton

11. Jessica Runkel #HOPTeamHero

12. Erin O’Neill #HOPTeamWhistler

The adoption bid will open at $800 in the Pro Category and $500 in the Amateur Category

Trainers, you will receive a detailed email in the next few days, and please make sure to add our director on Facebook, if you haven’t already, as a friend, so we can create the 2019 Group Trainer Chat!

Congrats to all who will be a part of this year’s event!

Thank you to to many who applied! We encourage you to apply next year if we weren’t able to invite you to take part this year!