Heather McCracken and Jody

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Heather McCracken – Kentucky

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Author: T. Creamer

Director of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC Wvhorserescue.org HomesteadHer, Photographer, Advocate for kindness, common sense and freedom

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  1. –Jody’s 60 Day Update!!–

    Jody has received 60+ days of training so far at Lazy Ridge Farm. We’re doing plenty of new things and are building onto the things she’s already learned, that was covered in her 30 day write up. Here are her specs again – 14.3hh Appaloosa x Spotted Saddle Horse. Approximate age is 3-4 years old. Sturdy build. Non-Gaited. Very striking facial markings with a medicine hat, 1 blue eye, striped hooves and a few small black spots on body.

    HEALTH & WELLNESS: Jody was hauled to Castor Farm in Lexington, KY for an Equine Chiropratic adjustment, trigger point therapy & cold laser on June 30th with Dr. Amy Rhea Rock. Her left hip and poll were out along with some back, hip and neck soreness. I can see an improvement in her left turns and canter work. She also received an Equine Massage by Kelsey Swartz from Equus Competitive Edge July 3rd at our farm shortly after the adjustment. She has started developing the proper muscles and has been filling out quite nicely thank to Triple Crown Feed & her donated supplements. Her hooves have started growing out as well, thanks to the donated hoof supplements and regular scheduled farrier trims covered by Double M Hoof Care. She wears a full-face fly mask daily and/or fly sheet & sunscreen. Whomever adopts her must know she will get sunburn on her nose and right eye so some type of sun protection is a must. Or leaving her in her stall during day and turn out at night would suffice too.

    OFF-FARM VISITS: Hauled to a horse show June 16th in Winchester, KY. Hauled to a trail ride & small obstacle course July 7th in Frenchburg, KY. I have also paid for our spot at an upcoming clinic this weekend called “Bomb Proofing the Mounted Patrol Way” on July 21st in Lancaster, KY. (Stay tuned!)

    UNDER SADDLE: She has stepped up to a double-jointed snaffle bit and is doing great but still chews on it. She was started in a bit-less bridle and I don’t think there would be any issue going back to that set up. I do recommend a tie down/martingale until she learns to relax her head better. This is going to be a project for someone to continue in her training. I think it’s because she is half crossed with a gaited horse and her possible natural response may be to hold her head high like one? However, she is NOT gaited. She use to be resistant to canter work but now we’ve overcome that and are working on moving forward consistently, but she is progressing nicely. We have worked on cantering turns in the ring and cantering uphill, not quite cantering a full circle yet but we’ll get there. She is still at the very beginning stages of learning to hold a rider on her back while moving forward at the canter quietly. But oh my, does she have a SMOOTH canter when she gets in a groove! She has been better with turning and softening at the trot. She will do a nice “easy to sit” jog or a more extended faster trot that’s enjoyable to post. A few weeks ago, an 11 year old advanced beginner rode Jody with no issues, with that being said she is still a green horse and will need someone that knows basics, how to move a horse forward and not be afraid to correct if needed. Biggest struggle with obstacles so far have been going in/out of gates, backing while mounted and small water obstacles. She loves water though which is very bizarre. So far she has been ridden in a ring, open pasture, roads, trails and horse show. I used her to fix fencing a few times, she packed my supplies and stood patiently when I repeatedly got off to fix fences and stood still to re-mount. If a future adopter plans on trail riding her a lot, I would recommend shoes. She is very tender footed on gravel and even a little on crappy back road blacktop lol!

    ON THE GROUND: On July 4th she did not care about the fireworks, just kept munching grass! She is getting use to hearing gun shots at our place, near and far. She sometimes crowds the stall door when you are taking her out or feeding but she just needs a reminder to back up, as she is just excited. She is a dream to haul, loads right up and hardly makes a peep. The one thing I love about her is that she will do almost anything on the ground if you ask her to. She has improved nicely with fly spray and will even let me fly spray her ears and face. She picks up all 4 feet nicely as well. Accepts saddle, bridle/bit with no fuss.

    CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Bettering her skills in these areas the most – backing mounted/unmounted, backing slowly out of trailer, standing still when bathing, learning to lunge, cantering, head set, holding consistent bends on circles, trotting (lifting feet) small cavalettis and solo trail rides to build self-confidence.

    I am very proud of her progress and her forward thinking. She will be a barn favorite for sure and has a very in your pocket personality. I am looking forward to the event in August and hoping she finds “her person” that will continue working with her. I have compiled a video of some WTC work & other snippets…enjoy! Will need to upload video later this week for all the obstacle work lol.

    #HOPTeamJody Appalachian Trainer Face Off Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC Tinia Creamer

    Apply to Adopt Jody: https://appalachiantrainerfaceoff.com/…/
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    60 DAY VIDEO – https://www.facebook.com/LazyRidgeFarm/videos/467912497010157/?hc_location=ufi


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