Trainer Richard Hames

Richard Hames grew up as a boy in Hildebran, NC a town so small you wouldn’t know it unless you were told District 12 from the Hunger Games Movies was filmed there, because that’s really all it’s known for.

While Richard was growing up his family had a few older horses, but none were ever safe enough for him to ride, but that didn’t dull his passion for equines. When Richard was in his senior year of high school he decided that his senior project would consist of saving a horse from slaughter, training it on his own and reselling it. He bought his first horse at a local auction notorious for traders, kill buyers, and doped up horses.

He ended up buying a 14.1 hand, unregistered, red roan gelding. Upon completing his senior project Richard spent 3 semesters in college but nothing fulfilled him the way horses had. He left college and came back home to persue his dream.

He worked many jobs to acquire and support his equine obsession, which consisted mainly of buying young horses that had never been worked with and training them himself. At the age of 24 Richard went full time into training for himself, training for other people, and hosting small clinics for people in the surrounding areas. He has worked with a variety of horses from feral horses, blind horses, aggressive horses, colts, and even older horses that just never got a great foundation.

Richard currently works out of his family farm in Icard and is the owner and operator of Hames Horsemanship. His main goals in life is to continue to take colts, problem horses, and horses with handicaps and make them productive members of the equine society while working closely with their owners to ensure satisfied and safe equine partnerships.

The Hames Horsemanship Motto says it all, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you know. Be the Change.”

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