Become a FACE OFF Trainer in 2019

For 2019, Applications will be accepted as of January 1st

There will two divisions:

Professional – the Pro division will require a long history of equine training, the trainer to earn a substantial amount of their income from training, have a community following, a business website and social media. Pro trainers will be required to submit videos of their work to be evaluated by our judge panel. Those that apply for the Pro Division but do not meet the full jury requirements are eligible to be approved for the Amateur division. We ask that you be very honest and candidate about the division you quality for to make the process smoother during our screening. Age requirement for the PRO Division is 25 and up. Approximately 5-6 trainers will be selected. A portion of the Pro Division trainers will be by invitation only; however, we do encourage applicants.

  • Horses for the Professional Division will be unhandled / feral in type. They will likely not be able to be haltered and may need condition.

Amateur – this division will require the trainer to have at least two years of verifiable training and lessons being provided to their local equine community. A show history, client base and videos can be used to create a portfolio to establish your skill as a trainer. Age requirement is 18 and up. Approximately 10-12 trainers will be selected for this portion.

  • Horses for the Amateur division will be halter trained, have been rehabbed and may have had a light start undersaddle but not be suitable for the average rider

There will not be a youth portion for 2019

All trainers will compete in basic skills, trail course and Free Style segments.

A revised set of guidelines will be coming soon.

Stay tuned!

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