We want to thank you everyone who applied for this year’s FACE OFF.

The willingness of a trainer to take part is incredible and much appreciated by all of us!

We were nothing short of blown away by all of the applications, and we wish that we could have every qualified applicant in the competition.

We have chosen 14 trainers, and we will be posting the horses trainers will chose from on May 15th through out the next few weeks. All selected trainers will receive an information email today, so check your inboxes this evening.

For youth, we have chosen 4 candidates from our applications because of the size of Adult division and very limited number of suitable green to untrained youth horses.

ADULT TRAINERS (in no particular order)

1. Bobby Knight
2. Vivian Jones
3. Bethany McNett
4. Jessica Runkel
5. Brenda Hanson
6. Jessica Deering
7. Krystalle Paskiet
8. Richard Hames
9. Erin Vaughn oNeill
10. Grace Keeton
11. Heather Bartel
12. Heather McCracken
13. Laura Funderburg
14. Olivia Dixon

Youth Appalachian FACE Off

1 .Caitlynn Sammons
2. Bella Vaughn
3. Serena Trader
4. Erica Yozie

We encourage those who do not see their name this year to re-apply next year because in most cases, the number of trainers chosen reflects the amount of horses we have to compete and the amount of time we have during the weekend, so please do not be discouraged and do try again next year because this event is growing faster than we ever expected, and next year, we hope to be able to accommodate more horses and more trainers!

We do have alternates chosen for the adult trainer portion, should any of the initial list of trainers be unable to follow through, and if you’re an alternate, you will be listed below, as well.

Author: T. Creamer

Director of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC Wvhorserescue.org HomesteadHer, Photographer, Advocate for kindness, common sense and freedom

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