Heart of Phoenix find amazing success with the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. Stay Tuned for Next Year!

The Annual Open Show we’ve hosted for the last 5 years has been a dip in the water, though, to help us break down the barriers, crack the ice, so to speak. It has helped build connections with the horse community in various disciplines, helped us meet trainers, judges and potential adopters already committed to being life long horsemen and women. It helped put Heart of Phoenix out into the line of vision of the horse community, to be sure. Last year, we changed it up a bit by bringing in a trainer we’ve met, Mike Hurst, through our efforts to be proactive, to do a demo with a previously unhandled horse, Paladin. It was a huge success. This year, the time was simply right for something more. The Appalachian Trainer Face Off brought what I believe we needed to the region we work in that had never taken place here on various levels.

Trainers responded. Wanted to help. Were proud to help. Competitive. Kind.

Judges came forward with the same attitude.

The Horse Community began to watch, comment,
take intense interest across our region. 

Adopters put in applications to offer homes.

The barriers between the equine world and rescue seemed to
start to disappear.

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off is Coming: The Hype Video

WE cannot wait!
We hope this video makes you all ask excited as we are for these horses and their trainers to have their moment to shine!
The concept is simple:
Making More Horses HIGHLY adoptable is what this event is about and dispelling the Myth that rescue horses are in some way less because a person let them down along the way.
Displaced equines that have been abandoned or neglect and turn them into awesome equine partners through pairing them for 100 days with trainers across the Appalachian region.
For 100 days, trainers work with their horse making him an accomplished, willing equine partner, and the pair competes for 2 days in August, ending in a free style competition, showcasing their abilities as a horse and trainer team.
The trainers stand to show their skill with difficult cases. The horses stand to gain knowledge that go with them into their adoptive homes, showing what rescues are capable of for many years to come.
Many people now know this region has an abandoned and neglected horse problem. We operate in the Heart of Appalachia.
This is an area that is often rural and battles abject poverty.
We believe the Appalachian Trainer Face Off can make more horses adoptable, prove rescue horses have value and highlight excellent trainers.
Essentially, the FACE OFF will go a long way bu bringing HOPE to previously neglected horses.
Join us at the The Appalachian Trainer Face Off & 5th Annual HOP Open Fun Show

Some of the Best Horses in the Nation will be up for Adoption on August 26th starting at $500! Don’t Delay, Apply Today (Appalachian Trainer Face Off)

If You’re Looking for an Equine Partner of a Lifetime, Look no Further!

These 8 horses have had 90-100 days of unique, skilled training with some of the best trainers on the east coast of America, folks.

Ponies, Horses, Gaited, Trotters, Jumpers and all around rock stars. . .

ADOPTION FEE starts at an opening bid of $500 on August 26th to approved bidders