What is the Appalachian Face Off?

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Across Appalachia, Horses are abandoned and neglected and left unstarted in astronomical numbers.

Our states’ former mine sites are covered in feral horses in need. Thousands. Our counties are unable to keep up with the number of unhandled horses being released, unkempt and maltreated.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, based in WV, Ohio and Kentucky, believes we have an event able to not only raise awareness, but an event able to showcase the trainers our region and allow the public to see what previously abandoned and neglected horses are capable of with the right training.

The event is the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. It will continue as a yearly feature event for Heart of Phoenix in the future and help change the perception of “rescue” horses in our region, while allowing more horses to find quality homes.

We will pair talented trainers with previously untrained or poorly started rescue horses to compete in a 2 day event on August 25th and 26th in Winfield, WV.

Over 100 days, trainers will work to change the future for their horse.

The competition will include a set of challenges, a trail / obstacle course and a free style performance judged by 3 industry professionals on a point system.

The hope is good trainers gain recognition and a lot of horses find amazing homes at the end of this event.

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Author: T. Creamer

Director of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC Wvhorserescue.org HomesteadHer, Photographer, Advocate for kindness, common sense and freedom

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