Event Dates You Need: Appalachian Trainer Face Off for 2017


January 10th – May 1st, 2017:

Trainer and Youth Applications much be received no later than May 1st, 2017

May 1st, 2017:

Trainers selected based on their Applications’ merit will be invited to compete in The Appalachian Training Face Off. If you  have not been contacted by May 1st, we invite you to submit an application in 2018! Space is limited, but we appreciate everyone who takes the time to apply!

May 15, 2017:

First Number Draw Date for trainers to select their rescue horses at Mulligan Farms, Lesage, WV (10 minutes from Huntington, WV). This is the newest location of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue.

June 1st, June 15th, July 1st, July 15th, August 1st, August 15th and August 20th:

2 videos with updates are due by trainers twice a month during the 90-100 day Face Off Training portion of the event. We recommend trainers create their own Facebook training page, if they do not have one already, as Heart of Phoenix will build interest in YOUR horse for the competition through these updates and videos. You are welcome to submit more often, and they will be widely sponsored and circulated by the rescue to our many thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and beyond. This is your chance to market yourself as the BEST of Appalachia before the weekend competition even arrives. Use it wisely!

 August 25th and 26th:

At the Winfield Show Grounds and Riding Arena

5449 WV-34, Winfield, WV 25213

This will be a Friday and Saturday event. The top half of competing trainers will move on to the Obstacle Course and Free Style Performance portion Saturday. The event closes with an awards ceremony, prizes and “Auction.” Learn more about the Auction portion and how this is a portion of the event that will allow the trainers to “earn” more than prizes and bragging rights for their participation.

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