The 2020 Appalachian Trainer Face Off is gearing up to be Massive!


Due to Covid-19 and the crisis we are all experiencing worldwide, the deadline to apply as a Trainer has been extended until May 1st.

Because of the large number of horses we have in the rescue, some ATFO candidates (not those that are feral) can receive applications prior to pick up and be adoptable to suitable applicants because we will have far more horses than we may need for trainers to select from at this time.

At this time, we plan to proceed with the pick up of May 12th in Winfield, WV unless things change. We ask you plan to only bring one family member or friend with you at pick up. Precautions will be in place to prevent / safeguard person to person contact.
The ATFO is August 20-22, and currently, we believe and trust the event date will be able to stay as is.
We truly hope this wonderful, valuable event in the horse world is able to take place, as it is something we can all safely enjoy from online while trainers work with their horses at their facilities for 100 days – what could be better?

Should anything change, we will be creative with the pick up process (there are lots of options if we need to take them).

Thank you for the support and please keep referring pro and amateur trainers!

The 2019 Appalachian Trainer Face Off was a smash success.

1,000 people attended the two day event, but 2020 is growing!

Look forward to a 3 day event of competitions, demos and showing!

For our 4th year, we expect to see 30 trainers and many showcasing horseman and women with at least 40 adoptable horses on site!

We have Professional, Amateur and Showcase options this year!