The 2019 Face Off

2019 is going to be our biggest year to date

The Judges: Josh Lyons, Yvonne Barteau and Colton Woods

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The Appalachian Trainer Face Off is an event that showcases adoptable horses and good trainers in a competition in Winfield, WV each year in August.

Heart of Phoenix has almost 50,000 engaged followers across social media, as well as many thousands of readers monthly on our popular blog.

 Trainers competing in the ATFO receive tremendous exposure during this event on both the Appalachian Trainer FACE off page and the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue pages, while providing an adoptable horse with a great foundation.

Where do you apply to compete?

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Applications are accepted through April 15th. 20 trainers will be chosen for our May 15th horse pick up in Lesage, WV and to compete August 23-24 in Winfield, WV.

Trainers will attend a day event in May to pick up their training horse which will be broadcast live on Facebook.

Trainers Compete for Prizes and Exposure!

While trainers will offer their training services in exchange for the opportunity and exposure offered by the event, as well as for the potential of winning placement prizes (which will be announced as sponsors let us know their donation offerings), the perk is that during this 100 day event, trainers and the rescue will be providing exposure to these horses. During the time they are marketed, people across the USA will be able to submit an application to take part in an evening AUCTION where the horses that take part will receive bids both online and in person to adopt the horses on a HOP contract. 1/2 of the adoption fee will go to the trainer, so sky is the limit here. The 2018 High adoption fee horse was $8,000, and there was $5,000 in total value in the full event prize packages.

Prize Packages will increase for 2019!  Cash prizes, in addition to prize packages, are awarded to trainers from 1-3rd place in each of the two divisions.

All trainers receive 1/2 of the approved auction bid for their trained HOP horses.